Clay Class

Clay Class, October 9, 2012

Kai and I have been taking a pottery class, which will come to an end next week. It’s for kids ages 4 to 5, I believe, and it’s one of those “Parent/Child” classes, so it’s mainly Kai making stuff and me helping (though I have been able to make one or two things, as well). Over the course of six weeks, he’s made a mask, a spider, a rocket and some planets, the letter K (the first letter of his name), a leaf, and a bowl. There MIGHT be something else, but those are the ones I remember.

October 2, 2012

During the last class, we were finally able to glaze for the first time. Kai is fascinated with the idea of things going into the kiln and has been waiting anxiously to see what his pieces would look like once they were fired. Mr. Barry showed the kids how to wipe off the pieces with a wet sponge to get any dust/grit off and then away they went. One of the younger kids ended up drinking some glaze – twice! But, other than that, nothing really went wrong. Nobody broke anything, which is really good.

Sponging Off His "K"

Kai was able to paint his “K” – I believe we used three colors of glaze. We did his bowl as well. I’m looking forward to seeing how they look after they’re fired – so is Kai.

We’re hoping to continue into the older kids’ clay class, but it may not get enough people to run. If it doesn’t run, we may look into doing this class again – I think Mr. Barry said we’d be working on different items.

Making A Spider

Kai’s been really enjoying the class. I think it’s been a wonderful opportunity for him and I hope he gets to continue doing it. Whether he does or not, we’ve got plenty of playdough and I’m planning to get some air dry clay for him. The class has really helped him figure out things to do with the dough. And now that we’ve got his playdough supplies out where he can see them, Kai has been using them more. The other day, he got them out without any prompting and put them away back in the same spot when he was done. The only thing he needed help with were the lids on the containers! In the past, he would have asked me to get the dough out, then asked for ideas about what he could do with it. So it feels like we’re making a little bit of progress towards independence for him plus having things available for him to see seems to be helping him want to work with his supplies more.

It’s really nice when everything comes together like that.

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