Review: Toy Time Race Game

Toy Time Race Game (also known in our house as “the play-doh game) is a fun game using play-doh. The concept behind the game is that you’re trying to get to the end of the factory line without getting squished. It’s a basic “spin to move down a path” game but it has a few neat components.

One of the things that makes this game fun is that you make your own “marker” or “character” using play-doh and molds. It comes with red, blue, yellow, and green. But you can use any play-doh you want.

It’s also got some neat moving “gears”. These can be moved to set pieces either forward or backwards.

But perhaps the favorite component in the game is the “squisher”. If you spin and land on the recycle symbol, you get to squish somebody else’s figures. There’s a thin cardboard recycle box that squished markers go into.

If you make it to the end of the factory line, you put your Play-Doh figure into the gift box. To win, you need to get two into the box.(Younger players only need to get one in. If you’re playing with a mixed age group, this can be an equalizer.)

You can make any number of figures – we usually do four or five each to start.

This is one of the games that Kai asks to play quite frequently. He gets a lot of joy out of squishing other peoples’ characters. Joe and I usually squish each other, though sometimes we do with Kai as well. We’ve been working on encouraging Kai to squish the person that is closest to winning. He tends to pick one person and squish them any time he can – so that’s definitely something to watch out for.

Overall, it’s a pretty fun little game. And the price isn’t bad, either. You can generally pick it for between fifteen and twenty dollars.

We got ours from Toys R Us, but it’s also available from Amazon.

Kai and I put together a video, talking a bit more about the game. It’s a bit about how to play the game and shows off some of the components.

One thought on “Review: Toy Time Race Game

  1. Jeska (@ArgyleFetish)

    I played a game like this once! It was called Splat, I think, and you modeled bug markers out of Play Doh. When a bug was splatted, that space on the board was no longer available to move, making the game speed up as it went along. 🙂

    I had a blast. And just so you know – I played it in college. It just goes to show that target demographics are not the -only- demographics, and that any game can be fun with the right group.


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