Working On A “Solar System” Project

We’ve been working on a project about the solar system. This has been mostly Kai-led. And he’s pretty happy about it.

First, the Solar System “map”. Still not quite finished.

20130102 Solar System Project (1)

20130102 Solar System Project (22)

20130102 Kai And His Solar System Map - not yet completed (1)

Then, he ALSO wanted to make a set of videos about the solar system. This was his first one, which is basically an intro video.

There should be a link on the side to the playlist. I’ll post all of the videos once he’s done with the project.

2 thoughts on “Working On A “Solar System” Project

  1. An Everyday Story

    Oh goodness what a wonderful video. Kai reminds me of my little Jack in so many ways. We are doing a project at the moment about the human body, mostly how the stomach works for now. I know Jack would really enjoy making a few videos like this. I might see what he thinks 🙂

    (I popped over from PBH Kids and am really happy I did 🙂 )


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