We’ve Been Doing More Parks

We’ve been trying to do more parks this month. Kai has had a sudden burst of running around and jumping in the apartment and we’re trying to get his excess energy out. It also gives him a chance to play with other kids. Plus, he LOVES parks. We’re a little more than halfway through the month and we’ve been to four so far:

Discovery Park:

Discovery Park

Discovery Park

David Rogers Park (this one was Joe’s idea – we did this on a weekend with him):

It is a troll bridge. He's the troll.

David Rogers Park

Big Howe:

Big Howe (Park)

Big Howe (Park)

Golden Gardens:

Golden Gardens

Golden Gardens

Seattle’s got some BEAUTIFUL parks. It can be a challenge for us to get to them during winter, though, because Kai hates getting wet and, for some reason, most of the parks here seem to not have any rain protection.

Do you have any favorite parks? Kai seemed to love Golden Gardens and asked to go back. The play area there is fairly new – the last time I was there, a few years ago, the play area wasn’t like this. Come to think of it, I don’t know if they even had one!

I got a small sunburn at Golden Gardens! Really ridiculous – it’s MARCH and we were only there for an hour. Maybe an hour and a half. The dangers of being a redhead, I swear. Anyway, I need to get better with putting on sunblock on myself.

How often do you get out to a park? I wonder if it’s a resource more used in the city, since a lot of us don’t have backyards.

One thought on “We’ve Been Doing More Parks

  1. HSofia (@hsofia)

    Yay! I love Seattle’s parks. Yes, the playground at Golden Gardens is new – there was one before but it was pretty old. The new one, which I and Kidlet really enjoy, had its grand opening last summer. We attended it – there were pirates! It was great.

    I think the reason rain covers are so rare here is that equipment is sure to get wet anyway but then it’s less likely to dry. Mildew and mold are such problems here, and without regular cleanings ($$$) the equipment can become a health hazard. Sad to say, it usually it comes down to $$$. Also, birds and other critters like to hang out in awnings/roofs, and that’s annoying. Poop everywhere and birds swooping overhead.

    Love these pictures! We need to make more park visits this month.


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