April 2013 Monthly Update

April seemed all at once long and short – I was pretty much out of commission for a week or two due to tooth pain and subsequent dental surgery (at least they knocked me out for it) and recovery. Kai went with me to the dentist’s office – both times – and even got to watch them put me to sleep. He asked lots of questions of the staff. Afterwards, he got to look at the broken tooth. We talked about various ways to remove a tooth and also fake teeth and implants and that process.

Easter 2013

Since it wasn’t our year to have Kai for Easter, we celebrated a week later. We dyed a TON of eggs, he got to go on egg hunts, and he’s STILL eating stuff from his basket (he doesn’t eat a lot of candy, really – we still have stuff from Halloween – so this could be around for a while!).

I finally, finally, FINALLY got my driver’s license (better late than never – even if it did take 15 years from the first time I learned to drive). Kai went with me to the Department of Licensing to pick it up (my actual test was elsewhere).

The weather was getting warmer, so more time was spent outside. On one of the first “brighter” days, we went out and did some sidewalk chalking.

This was Kai's idea. Sidewalk chalking.

Unfortunately, warmer weather also means BEES. At the beginning of the month, we were having a bee problem. Carlos, the maintenance man, came over and measured and replaced our screen. He’s always very kind to Kai and talked to him about what he was doing. This also lead to a big discussion about bees and wasps.

We spent a lot of time at the zoo, with our homeschool group, with Kai’s bonus-sister, Epona, and, for the opening of the new otter exhibit, we met up with his good friend and her mother and aunt. While we were there, we ran into other homeschoolers we knew. They had a bouncy house and a person in an otter suit. Kai got to the ride the carousel a few times this month and he fed the penguins. He got to touch a hedgehog and pet a corn snake. We talked in-depth about both. He joined the nature exchange program and we used one of the Early Childhood backpacks they have (one of the staff members at the zoo told me they were getting more… we’ll have to do that again). He also spent QUITE a lot of time near the meerkats, which is kind of funny, since they don’t have a big habitat at all. He read everything they had there about meerkats to me and spends time pretending to be a meerkat.

April 2013

We also went to the Pacific Science Center with our homeschooler group and were able to catch a couple of laser shows – they had them going since April is a spring break month. We saw a planetarium show. He even got to go up on the “Live Science” stage once – his first time! He was so excited. He also did one of those “pendulum drawings”. At the Professor Wellbody exhibit, he planned a day’s worth of food, keeping within their nutrition guidelines – he talked about how it seemed like you needed to eat a lot of vegetables or fruit.

We did homeschool park day a few times – Wallingford Playfield, Madison Park, and Meridian Park. He’s making friends that he looks for every time we go, which is nice to see. He’s fallen in love with a piece of equipment made by Kompan called a “Supernova”.

Park Day (April 9, 2013)

Joe, Kai, and I all went to the library for pajama story time one Tuesday. Joe helped Kai make a rainbow out of a paper plate and streamers – it looked pretty cute.

He really loves going to the Indoor Playground at Seattle Gymnastics Academy, so we went. The warmer it gets, the less the option will be available, and then when the cooler weather is back, he’ll only be able to do it a few more months before aging out.

At the Indoor Playground (at SGA)

Kai has been helping out around the house more. Most mornings, he puts away the silverware (minus the super sharp knives, of course). He often helps me make his bed and sometimes the big bed, too. He puts his clothing in the hamper and will sometimes help with the laundry.

We also went to Cascade Parent Partnership one Wednesday for a tour.

We listened to the audiobooks of “Mrs. Piggle Wiggle” and “The Secret Garden”. After listening to “The Secret Garden”, we talked about Mary’s journey and talked a bit about England, India, and found both on the map and discussed them.

We talked about volcanoes and mountains, particularly Mt. St. Helens. We watched a few documentaries about Mt. St. Helens, looked at it on Google Earth, and watched YouTube videos about it.

We read The Great Glass Elevator. Talked about Wonka as a company (read a Wikipedia entry about the history of the company), pointed out candies from his Easter basket that are “Wonka”. Talked about “minus numbers” – that they’re actually called “negative numbers”, that you can go below zero, and tried to explain the concept of “owing” to make a minus number.

He listened to podcasts about what would happen if the earth stopped spinning, “How Pizza Works”, frogs, and the duckbill platypus.

Easter 2013

Speaking of reading… Kai has been reading a LOT on his own this month. He’s reading silently or, as he calls it, “in his head”, but frequently comes over to talk about what he’s reading. It’s made it somewhat harder to track the books he reads, but that’s okay. I’m still getting most of them and I wouldn’t want to slow him down just for tracking purposes, but you can find a lot of what he read or we read together here.

It’s funny how little things can lead to so much learning… silly things like talking into the fan and seeing how it changes his voice or a link that sends up looking at pictures of a previously-unknown ancient Egyptian city that has been underwater for a long time.

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