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Penguinville… and Spiders.

The other day, Kai sat down and started to work on making spiders (he has been interested in them lately) out of Playfoam. I’m linking to the specific brand because we’ve had this stuff since Christmas (gift from Kai’s grandparents) and, while we do nothing to preserve it, it’s still really soft and easy to play with almost ten months later. It gets stored in a plastic bin, but that’s IT. The whole box is right around $15 right now and it gives you TONS.

The Playfoam gets pulled out from time to time. Kai started off making spiders (he counted all the legs and informed me that three eights is twenty-four), but then he moved on to making what he called “Penguinville” at the south pole in Antarctica.

September 21, 2013

Black Widow up close:

September 21, 2013

Working on Penguinville.

September 21, 2013

He insisted on making these videos.


Anyway, this was a great way to spend our Saturday evening. After a long day of running around doing errands, it was nice to just unwind and have fun.

September 21, 2013

“The Only Person Who Should Decide About Someone’s Body is That Person.”

This morning started off with Kai being absolutely horrified to hear that people can get in trouble at school for making a mistake. “BUT MISTAKES ARE PART OF LEARNING. And you go to school TO LEARN.” The kind of mistake he was referring to wasn’t “I did something wrong and now I’m being punished for it,” more of the “Whoops. I didn’t realize,” variety.

But, as our discussion went on, his frustration at that reality turned into a large of amount of indignation about a bigger issue: autonomy.

See, we’d been looking at these vintage beach pictures. Picture 103 shows a woman being measured for modesty (sorry, you’ll have to scroll through to it – I don’t think I directly link to that one photo). The caption says, “Circa 1929: An officer from the West Palm Beach police force is seen measuring a woman’s bathing suit to ensure that it conforms with regulations introduced by beach censors.” But Kai, ever vigilant about language, pointed out, “No. They’re measuring HER. Not her bathing suit.”

We started talking about how that used to be common, that girls would have the length of their skirts and dresses (always skirts and dresses because that’s what they were required to wear) measured at school if someone suspected it was too short, and that those girls would get in trouble, sent home, have to change, etc. even if it was an honest mistake. He said, “What if they grew and didn’t realize it was getting short on them? That happens with my pants. Suddenly, they look short on my body. But they’re not getting shorter. I’m getting taller.” Sorry, kiddo. Nobody cared.

We talked about how that’s fairly common – that, in fact, people still try to make decisions about what women should wear, how they should look, the size of their bodies, etc.

He’s absolutely horrified. He doesn’t understand why anyone would care. “They’re not the ones wearing it. Why should they decide? That’s not fair. The only person who should decide about someone’s body is that person.

If a five year old can get it, why can’t everyone else?

Poetry Teatime. August 29, 2013.

Last Thursday, Kai asked if we could include Daddy in “Poetry Teatime”. Daddy was agreeable.

So Kai helped me taste the cookie dough make cookies.

Poetry Tea Time

And decorate the cookies.

Poetry Tea Time

We covered the table with our slightly fancy sheet “pretty tablecloth” and set places for everyone. We had the cookies and “Russian Tea“.

Poetry Tea Time

Then, we all took turns reading poems. Kai read the most. But we grown-ups read some.

Poetry Tea Time

Poetry Tea Time is something we learned about on the Brave Writer website. Traditionally, they do them on Tuesdays. That doesn’t work for us… our homeschool group has Park Days on Tuesday. So, we’ve done them a couple of times, mainly sporadically. I’m thinking, though, of having this be a regular Thursday thing – maybe sometimes with Daddy and sometimes without.

Kai was particularly enjoying a poem from a book called “BookSpeak!” that was about the beginning/middle/end of stories. He also read “Hippopotamus Stew“.

It’s quite enjoyable to sit down to some fun treats and a nice drink and just relax.