Moments from our New Year (2014) celebrations

Joe comes home from work, makes a black-eye pea casserole. Bacon. Spinach. Cheese. It tastes divine.

After hours of Minecraft, we stop to have ice cream with chocolate syrup.

We turn on the fireworks at the Space Needle but the fog is so thick it is hard to see anything. We toast the New Year with sparkling apple cider in plastic cups, to flashes of color amidst the fog.

It is after midnight but we have not yet set off our own fireworks. So climb back onto our Minecraft server to watch bursts of pixelated beauty.

New Year 2014 Minecraft Fireworks

We finally open the last board game from Christmas – Lords of Waterdeep, from me to Joe. The three of us spend a couple of hours playing.

Lords of Waterdeep

Joe and Kai work on a LEGO set – an airplane – while I make “porcupine balls” and a cheese dip with black-eye peas. When we eat, Kai does so without much complaint – he’s been fairly tolerant of new and different food lately, a major change for which I am so grateful.

The guys read while I relax online for a few minutes. Then, they work on the LEGOs again while I grab a few moments to write.

Later, as requested by Kai for his holiday treat, he and I dip strawberries in chocolate. We have extra chocolate so we try to find other things to dip and manage a few prunes before switching to potato chips. These effectively become dinner. Kai is giddy.

In the evening, we watch The Empire Strikes Back, snuggled up on the couch, in the dark. Kai reads the intro script out loud and falls asleep – but only for a few minutes – somewhere in the middle of the movie.

When the movie ends, he stages a mock battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader with an army of Stormtroopers.

Of course, Luke wins.

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