A day in the life: Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kai woke up sometime after Joe did but before I woke up. So he watched Mythbusters while I took my shower and asked if he could watch another episode when I got out. I agreed and he finished watching that while eating a bowl of cereal.

After that, he spent a bit of time reading, then he played a bit before asking to watch Minecraft videos on YouTube with me. He and Zelda (one of the cats), snuggled up on the couch with me while we watched the videos.

Jan 15, 2014

Then, while I made lunch, he played with his toys – Army Men vs Cave Men and Superman and Zod.

The water was off, so we talked about the possibilities of why (there was a leak downstairs – they eventually turned it back on). Kai used a bottled water to give the kitties more water to drink and tried to explain to them that there was no reason to freak out. Of course, they WERE, because there was noise coming from the floor. Kai went back to playing until Joe came home for lunch.

We had lunch – Kai spoke animatedly about various things he was thinking of – before Kai went back to playing and Joe left for work.

I then had Kai help me pick out a photo for him to bring with him to the grief counselor. We talked a bit on the way about the importance of discussing things rather than avoiding them.
We also had a brief discussion about handwriting. Kai expressed frustration that his letters often don’t turn out the way he wants. I explained that part of the reason is that he always starts his letters at the bottom instead of the top and that I’d tried to help him figure out how to write them before, but he became sullen and angry, so we stopped. He asked if I’d help again, “Because my way isn’t working so I need to try something else.”

Also, got to hear this gem, “Kai, earlier: “Mommy, you should NOT get in a car accident and us die on the way for us to see grief-counselor’s-name because that would be funny not funny.” Okay, then. (I see we’re learning irony.)

While we waited in the grief counselor’s waiting room, Kai asked to sit on my lap (a very rare request) and play games on my phone. I agreed and he ended up playing “Medieval Math Battle” until the grief counselor came.

At the appointment, he got a new stuffed animal, a dragon. He named it “Mr. Dragon.” On the way out, he clutched his dragon tightly. “I have to keep him warm, especially his wings. Dragons wings are cold-blooded so they don’t make their own heat.”

Jan 15, 2014

On the way home, we listened to more of our current audiobook, Redwall. When we got home, Kai played with the kitties for a while, played with some of his toys, read some of one of the books he’s currently reading, Mossflower (a prequel to Redwall), then wandered around looking lost and asked for a suggestion of something to do. I gave him a list (this is something we’ve been working on lately – I’ll have to write more about it) and he decided to play “Rush Hour” for a while, which is a one person puzzle “board” game. Throughout the game, he told Mr. Dragon all about what he was doing.

Jan 15, 2014

Since it was Wednesday, it was family game night, after dinner. Kai was a little out of it after the long day, so we played a fairly quick/short game that he got for Christmas, called Love Letter. Then he played for about an hour, mainly with a magnetic numbers and letters set, while Joe and I did various other things.

Jan 15, 2014

Then, it was time for bed. Joe read him a chapter from one book, I read him to him from another book, then he went to sleep.

Our days vary greatly from day to day. If you’re interested at a look into another day, please feel free to check out a prior “Day in the Life” post. I did one for October 14, 2013, which was a Monday, which means it was a Minecraft night. Feel free to check it out. We don’t have a set schedule for our days, but our M/Tu/Wed nights are fairly set in stone, at least for now.

3 thoughts on “A day in the life: Wednesday, January 15, 2014

  1. ashleigh825

    It always amazes me how much more intelligent and able to address his own emotions and work through them Kai is than most kids his age. I never used to be a fan of homeschooling (mostly because the only people I knew who homeschooled their kids did it as a way of just keeping them away from society and any influences that were different from their own and all of the kids suffered because of it), but from talking with you and Joe and seeing your posts about Kai, I’m actually starting to seriously consider homeschooling my kids if I ever have any.

    1. Misa Knight Post author

      Oh, if I tried to keep Kai away from society/other kids, I’d have a rather large conniption fit on my hands. Even just going to the store, Kai talks to EVERYONE.


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