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January 2015 Wrap-Up

Kai 2015 glasses

Happy 2015!

Sometimes, aspirations trip us up. I wanted to do a big end of year round-up blog post, because 2014 was SUCH a big year for us. But, that’s the problem: 2014 was SUCH a big year for us that it seemed very overwhelming to do. But I didn’t want to post on my blog until I’d done it.

Thus, I didn’t post during all of January.

Then, it became a THING.

Then, I decided I’d do a huge January round-up. It’d be big and have ALL OF THE THINGS. And, it, too, became a THING.

Anyway, I’m letting all of that go.

I will tell a bit about January here, since I didn’t blog at all that month. But it’s not going to be a big, detailed round-up like I used to do monthly. Maybe I’ll get back to doing those one day. I don’t know. But this is what you get today.

Kai’s birthday is in January. He turned 7. He was very adamant that he wanted a party at home. So, the weekend before his birthday, he had a party that, last-minute, turned partly into a slumber party. They stayed up late, playing games and watching movies (the first Harry Potter movie and The City of Ember). Then, on his actual birthday, we went to Chuck E. Cheese as a family – using tokens from his last birthday party. He had such a good time.

One of the gifts he received (from his grandparents) was an iPad. He’s been enjoying that a lot and has downloaded several apps on it.

Early in the month, it snowed. Kai was still surprised at how cold it was the first few times. He made a snow angel – an activity I imagine he will never repeat because the cold really bothered him. We also made snow ice cream.

The NFL playoffs happened and it feels weird to say that we had a few of them on our TV. Kai had hoped it would be the Colts vs the Seahawks. But, alas, it was not to be. There was a fair amount of upsetness over DeflateGate. One team had balls that were underdeflated while they played the Colts. The Colts lost. It was felt, by pretty much everyone in our house, that it didn’t really matter whether the Colts would have lost anyway. Cheaters should be disqualified. Unfortunately, the Seahawks also lost the Superbowl. (It feels weird that we follow all of this. Family of geeks, here.)

We went to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum – twice. Kai learned quite a bit about Ruby Bridges and Ryan White because of this, along with many other things.

We ended up joining a Story of the World (history) group. To be honest, we weren’t sure we’d like it. But some of the families that we really enjoy hanging out with were doing it and the kids were going to be hanging out and playing afterwards. Kai and I decided to try it for two weeks, to see how we felt about it. Kai had a really good time and wanted to keep with it. So, now, once a week, we get together with four other families and do a history activity. Usually, there’s a short discussion/activity relating to the chapter for the week, the kids do a craft or activity, and then they play. Different families stay for varying lengths of time each week, depending on what they’ve got going on. But it’s helped us really get to know a few families much better. As for us, we read the chapter each week, but it isn’t like I make Kai do worksheets or paperwork relating to it. January was about nomads/the Fertile Crescent and Egypt. (Kai has always LOVED Egypt.) In January, the kids did “cave paintings”, made “reed boats” out of straws, and wrote on clay tablets.

We’ve become good friends with two of the families from our SotW group and hang out with us quite a bit. Homeschoolers (at least in my experience and maybe this is true more for younger kids than older kids) tend to hang out as families. So, it’s really important that everyone in the family “click” well with each other. One of the things we missed dreadfully about Seattle was our “Hey, wanna hang out?” families. This has made us feel much more “at home” here. There are others we enjoy being around and hanging out with but these two are the ones we hang out with the most.

There’s an indoor park nearby and we went a few times this month.

During the snow, our car battery died. We ended up replacing it, but that led to a lot of discussions about car batteries with Kai.

We’ve continued playing a lot of games and even started playing Dungeons and Dragons together.

So, that was January, more or less. There was much more than that, there always is, but those were a few highlights.