May, Already?

It’s May. That snuck up on me quickly.

After a period of doing “not much” (we’ve done stuff but… there was a lot of time feeling like we didn’t do much), the end of March arrived and, suddenly, we were doing things again. Is that what it’s like to have seasons? In Seattle, there weren’t dramatic changes like there are here.

I thought I’d talk about some of the stuff we’ve been doing, but first… at the end of April, my husband, Joe started having a ton of stomach pain and gas problems. He ended up having his gallbladder removed. Evidently, it was more than time. When the surgeon tells you, “It was very difficult to remove,” you know you had a problem going on in there. At any rate, I’d like to mention that I’m extremely glad he’s still alive. Poor guy. (This is also part of the reason May snuck up on me. I basically camped out at the hospital, ferrying Kai back and forth between friends’ houses and the hospital. I’m so thankful for my friends, too, who kept Kai so he wouldn’t have to hang out at the hospital. Stomach-region surgeries are scary for Kai.)

Joe’s contract position ended but he was able to find a new direct-hire position and I’m very glad for that.

We’ve gone on some adventures lately, some as a family, some just my son, Kai, and I.

In March, we took our first trip to Eagle Creek Park where we checked our their ornithology center. Kai has been “into” owls for quite some time now and has expressed some interest in birding, so we’re trying to support that interest. (In April, he started becoming really interested in Northern Cardinals. So it helps to have a place like this nearby.) The park also has a bird sanctuary and we went hiking there.

Ornithology Center Eagle Creek Ornithology Center Bird Sanctuary

In April, we went to Marengo Cave . Kai and I had never been in a cave like that. It pretty fun. Afterwards, Kai panned for minerals (from a bag they had in the gift shop).

Marengo Cave Marengo Cave Marengo Cave

Kai did an Easter Egg Hunt at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was so cold that day! But we still had fun.

Easter Egg Hunt at IMS 2015 Easter Egg Hunt at IMS 2015

And Kai and I have been getting outside more. Yesterday, we went to Cool Creek Park and ended up playing in the creek for a few hours. Kai has some sensory issues and anxiety that can cause stuff like this to be tricky but yesterday, he was amazing. He loved playing in the mud and the creek.

Cool Creek Park Cool Creek Park Cool Creek Park Cool Creek Park

I think we’re starting to adjust to Indiana and getting to feel a bit more at home here.

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