About Me

My name is Misa (like Lisa, but with an M). I am married to a wonderful man named Joe. Together, we are raising and homeschooling our son, Kai. Our family also includes three cats: Hanners, Parker, and Zelda.

Originally from Seattle, I’ve made my home in Indianapolis.

I like to read, write, craft, listen to music and sing along (badly), make art, and play games.

I enjoy boardgaming, as does my family. Over the years, we’ve invested a significant amount of time and money in this hobby, which seems like a fair deal to me: we get a lot of enjoyment from it. We also play Minecraft together every Monday night.

I’m what one would typically refer to as a geek, though I think you can be a geek about nearly anything. I like sci-fi and fantasy. I particularly enjoy dystopian literature and movies… I find them comforting.

But what I enjoy most is spending time with my family, whether that’s taking Kai on an “adventure” during the day, snuggling on the couch with Joe and Kai and watching a movie, or having a cat climb on my chest and ask demand to be petted.

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