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Video Games, Music, and Kai

People who know our family know that we ALL enjoy playing games. We play a lot of board games and a fair number of video games, whether those are on the computer, on a game system, or on a smartphone. Currently, we’re all in a “Minecraft” phase. A couple of weeks ago, I bought the soundtrack for Kai to have on his mp3 player because I knew he’d like it. And it’s a fairly calming soundtrack. Take a listen. I think one of my favorites is “Mice on Venus” (number 11).

He also sometimes asks to listen to it if we’re doing something else, like playing with playdough (this has always been a big music time for us), doing an art project, or even just “playing”.

This is not the first video game soundtrack we’ve listened to. When Journey came out onĀ  the PS3, Kai and Joe played it together. We bought the soundtrack (I believe we picked that up through iTunes) and listened to that quite a lot. He probably asks to listen to “Journey” quite frequently, still, a few months later – several times a week. Journey has GORGEOUS music. It’s a lovely orchestral soundtrack – the music is beautiful and, at times, very haunting. In the game, your character never speaks, so the music does a lot to set the mood.

Both of these albums are instrumental. What this means is that every single day, without any prodding from us, Kai is listening to albums that are instrumental only – and he’s only 4. I’d say that’s a positive thing, wouldn’t you?