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Creating A Space To Create

I’m in the process of creating more of a dedicated workspace for Kai. There are a few reasons we’re doing this.

I’d like to see Kai be able to do long-term projects and he can’t do that if his only real workspace is the living room table (not very well, anyway). I’d also like to see Kai create more. He LOVES doing what he calls “art crafts” but he often has a hard time remembering that we have the things to do them. He’s a very visual child and if he can’t see something, unless it’s one of a few specific things, he’ll often forget it’s there to do.

October 5, 2012

Kai’s Current Workspace

Additionally, because he likes being around us, he won’t use workspace if we put it in his room. (We tried that.) So, we’ve rearranged part of the living room and moved his desk from his room to the living room. I’d also like to get a corkboard or a magnetic whiteboard with a bunch of magnets. We may end up mounting a corkboard above his desk and getting a whiteboard for him to write/draw (which would come in handy for me, sometimes, as well).

Currently, we’ve got a shelf for all of his playdough stuff. This is a fairly big interest for him and he and I are currently taking a parent/child clay class together, so it’s featuring pretty prominently.  I’ve also begun moving paints and other various supplies to the other other shelf. We’ve got a bunch of paintbrushes, markers, and pens on his desk. I’d like to go through them soon and organize these a little bit better and move duplicates to a separate storage area on one of the shelves. Then, he’s got markers and crayons that can maybe be moved to the desk or the top of the shelving unit to feature more prominently.

I’ve already seen how having this space in the living room encourages him to use it. The other day, we came home and tried out a bunch of the paintbrushes. Then, he sat down with some markers and began copying out sight words, “just for fun”. He is usually not a big fan of writing, so I was surprised to see that happening. He started getting “fancy with the letters” (as he called it) and experimenting with different ways to write each letter, including several decorative ones. That was encouraging to see.

But this is all still in its experimental stages. I’d welcome any input. We’re still trying to figure out what will work best.